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    Browserling: Free Programmer Tools are Here!

    So, we don’t really cover alot of deals on TD but we couldn’t ignore this one. So a brand named Browserling has released Free Developer/Programmer tools which are damn impressive! Now who doesnt wants such a deal for FREE OF COST? 😀 So, Browserling: A live, interactive, cloud-based cross-browser testing company that has launched FREE PROGRAMING […] More

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    TOP 3 Football Score Checking Apps for Football Fans!

    Football is a major sport over the globe, and There are a number of apps in the play store which help to keep every football fan up to date; The latest happenings of their teams; and the score lines , but we’ve sorted out the best 3 for you and also don’t forget Today’s Sponsor […] More

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    Guess the Site Google made for Pixel Phones?

    Google finally announced that Pixel phones will actually launch on October 4th through a launch event which Google has organised. They revealed all these details with a banner image which is…amazing! 😀 Google has also launched Pixel phones teaser site. In Google fashion, the site is pretty sparse. It features the outline of a […] More

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    Galaxy A8 2016

    LEAKED: Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 looks similar to S7 but bit Larger!

    Samsung is passing through a bad time now due to the Explosives they made in the form of their “Flagship 2016”.  But.. Things don’t stop in Samsung’s kitchen and thus, we are seeing the first LEAKS of the upcoming mid-range beast, Galaxy A8 2016. When your hunt for concept phones is going slow, it’s time […] More

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    Looking at the Future, iPhone X

    As everyone knows, Apple recently announced the iPhone 7. As most people know (I assume less people know this part) Apple purposely made this phone a simple refresh (like the S usually is) to wait for next year. Why you ask? Because next year is the 10th year of the iPhone. This why I decided […] More

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    PDF Documents

    How to Quickly and Easily Edit Your PDF Documents

    Every business professional knows how important document management is. When working on numerous reports and contracts, even a small mistake can lead to tons of problems, which would take a significant time to fix. It can happen that while writing a report for your big client and juggling data from different documents, you make a […] More

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